Q & A with Speakers

Q & A with Speakers

What is likely to be the next step in lymphocyte engineering?

Watch what the conference Chair, Adi Barzel, thinks about this:


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Andrew Scharenberg
CSO of Casebia, USA

At ICLE 2018, Prof. Scharenberg will be speaking on “Engineering regulatory T cell therapeutics”, as part of a session on New Horizons for Lymphocyte and HSC Engineering.

Here are a couple of his insights.

1. What is the greatest challenge at the moment in lymphocyte engineering?

For me, the key challenge in lymphocyte engineering is ensuring consistent performance properties (including both safety and potency) of the final cell product.  

2. What is the next step needed to advance immunotherapy and lymphocyte engineering?
I’m not sure that there is a single next step - rather - I see the field advancing more like cell phone technology, with gradual incremental progress across a number of areas, ranging from specific engineered features to development of sensitive and specific assays to assess performance properties of the starting and final cell populations. 

3. Can you recommend an article to read before attending your lecture?

There is a really nice recent review by Rosa Bachetta on FOPX3 gene transfer for generating regulatory-phenotype CD4 T-cells, published in Frontiers in Immunology, October 2017.


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